Digital Curriculum

Xperience Education offers a state-of-the-art menu of digital curriculum for students in grades 9-12. We offer 22 online high school courses aligned to rigorous standards that foster problem- solving and encourage critical thinking. We provide over 30,000 learning objects that can be integrated into the high school blended classroom as stand alone content or as fully functioning online courses. The online offerings include advanced science, foreign language, core content and credit recovery.

Curriculum Design

Each course includes:

  • Full student text; no textbook required
  • Full teacher materials/answer keys
  • Full set of student assignments
  • Full set of diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments

Interactive Content

Engaging Content:

  • Interactive simulations
  • Instructional games
  • Virtual labs
  • Theme-based design

Design Strategy


  • Embedded literacy strategies
  • Designed using Gagne’s 9 Levels of Instruction
  • Student self-assessments

Common Questions

How Xedu courses defy the stereotypes of online courses and our competitors

1) Online courses are easier than traditional classes.

Our curriculum is not only designed to be as rigorous as the most challenging of classrooms, but elicits more work than is typical from many students due to the increased responsibility they must take in their own learning, a trait native to Gen Z learners.

2) Online courses are a mash of stuff either copied from or linked to a bunch of different websites.

Our curriculum is original and instructionally designed by highly qualified instructors, who have years of experience teaching in classrooms, and each course is built as a coherent whole preventing a reliance on outside links.

3) Online teachers can’t be as involved with students as teachers in traditional classrooms.

Our curriculum, content and assignment designs are built to foster and promote student-to-student and teacher-to-student interaction. Therefore many students experience more personalized interaction and attention from the teacher and their peers than they do in traditional classrooms.