Xperience Blended Learning (XBL)

Blended learning changes roles, expectations, and outcomes. With something as game-changing as blended instruction, you need more than traditional professional development. Enter XBL, a professional learning event designed to provide a flexible, first-hand experience of blended learning.

Why XBL?

  • Use data to drive results
  • Learn, experience, practice, create, and reflect
  • Receive immediate and personalized feedback

The XBL Experience

  • Use your Blended Practice Profile data to choose your learning pathway
  • Blend your learning: Choose from group sessions, instructional deep dives, digital resources, and more
  • Leave with new blended practice strategies, plans, resources, and colleagues

Learn Something New or Dive Deeper

  • Teacher and administrator tracks
  • Educators choose from Technology, Planning & Preparation, Curriculum and Instruction, and Instructional Design pedagogical domains. Each pathway is competency-based, available asynchronously for self-paced and post-event learning, and tracked in an LMS to measure growth.
  • Administrators learn about using data to inform purchasing, and implementation decisions, ESSA impacts, classroom observation protocols, and funding new learning models.