Why XBL?

Educators and leaders deserve learning that is personalized, learner-centric, and quantifiably effective. XBL is a learning experience providing tools and resources for educators to deliver blended learning that measurably improves student outcomes.

Learn through Experience and Reflection

  • Experience a personalized, blended experience.

Focused on Your Success

  • Examine your practice. Execute on your vision.

Receive immediate and personalized feedback

  • Know your blended practice. Each registration includes a Blended Practice Profile, your private, self-assessment based on a researched set of pedagogical and practice skills for blended learning environments.

Personalized, Competency-based Pathways

  • Find solutions. Facilitators answer questions and provide guidance on your individual Blended Practice Profile results.

Active Learning – Combining Online, Direct, & Community-based

  • Build, Create, Practice. Create and work through a project to take and use in your classroom. Give and receive feedback from colleagues.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend XBL

  1. Network and problem solve with peers
  2. Grow your blended pedagogy
  3. Experience and practice blended learning
  4. Use individual data to drive your learning
  5. Improve your student outcomes